Sunday, January 4, 2009

Candle Makers Needed!

Work from Home! Fun Kits - Fun Money!Imagine making all-natural soy candles in your home and turning that into immediate significant weekly income! At the same time, you'll be creating a solid 6-figure residual income!Making Money has never been SO MUCH FUN!Soy Candles WILL CAPTURE the candle market over the next 5 years. Your income potential with this home business is HUGE!Beware it's fun!How people are selling their candle creations:
Hosting Home Candle Parties
Candle Making Classes
Wholesale to Local Business
Family & Friends
Fairs and Flea Marketing
Booths at Events
Gift Giving
Over the internet
The opportunities are limited ONLY by your imagination. It's YOUR Business!FUN - FINANCIAL FREEDOM!People love candles! When they hear the good news about our healthy NV Soy alternative and our mission to rid the world of toxic candles, they want IN! To help spread the word and reward those who believe in what we're doing, we have created a BREAK-THROUGH Compensation Plan: The Symbiotic Ultra-Match (SUM)With this revolutionary plan, building teams of candlemakers can result in YOU achieving financial freedom, and having FUN doing it!


  1. Hi Paula,

    You have been busy! Some of these posts look familiar =) However, this one, is advertising a different company. This is not our comp plan and the ingredients are different. Is this from one of my sites? If it is, I need to change it!

  2. BTW, the comment above was made from my son's account, this is Karilee

  3. Great way to work from home! I love candles!

  4. Hey, Just wanted to see if you are still posting at this blog or if you have a new one?

  5. Hey there. Just stopping by. I love soy candles. Not sure if I could actually make them. I am looking at making homemade soap!